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"I know that boy and that house."

Translation:Znám tamtoho hocha a tamten dům.

May 27, 2018



I wrote "znám tamtoho kluka a tamten dum" and I got incorrect marks because answer was "... a ten dum". However I see above correct answer same as mine except for use of hocha instead of kluka. Can someone explain to me? Thanks


"Znám tamtoho kluka a tamten dům." is accepted. Perhaps you had some error or the system has some bug. Report next time so that we can see your actual exact answer.


How do I know when to use tamtoho vs tamten? The hints list both but it marks my answer as incorrect depending on tamtoho or tamten being first


In this sentence, you need tamtoho with hocha because hoch is a masculine ANIMATE noun. Since dům is a masculine INanimate noun, you need tamten there. While both nouns are In the accusative case here, they need different forms of the demonstrative because one is an animate noun and the other is inanimate.

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