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To the contributor candidates

We are constantly receiving applications for contributor and moderator roles. We are glad and grateful that so many people are willing to help us with the course! We could really use this help (especially, because we started Tree 2.0). Duolingo gives us only a limited number of invites (currently 2). So, we have to choose among all those great candidates. This choice must be thoroughly thought through, because, as soon as we issue an invitation, the corresponding contributor position becomes occupied until the invited user voluntarily resigns.

Our selection process is guided by three criteria defined by Duolingo:

In order to contribute to a language course, you need to be:

  • Bilingual. You have to be fluent in both languages to contribute accurate learning > content. You don't have to be a native speaker, but you should write at the level of one.
  • Committed. It takes hours each week to make real progress on a course.
  • Passionate about languages and helping the world. This is what will keep you going.

Although, the criteria are simple and clear, a major question is how to verify that a given candidate fulfills them?

Whether the candidate is bilingual or not often can be seen from the application. For this, the application should be somewhat longer than one or two sentences. The commitment and passion can be approximated by the candidate's commitment and passion about Duolingo in general. Suppose, we have a candidate who learns one language on Duolingo and the candidate's last activity in this course was six months ago; the candidate never started the Ukrainian course and never participated in the Ukrainian discussion forums. Suppose, another candidate learns several languages, practices every day, completed the Ukrainian tree, and actively participates in the Ukrainian discussion forums successfully helping other learners. Which of these two candidates is highly likely to become a committed and passionate contributor? We think the answer is obvious. So, dear applicants please consider this before applying.

Regards, UK-EN Contributors

May 27, 2018



I'm delighted to hear you're working on Tree 2.0. I long thought this course had been abandoned. I hope you succeed in finding worthy contributors to expand the course and cover a good deal more material/missing grammar and I look forward to revisiting it.


It's too bad Duolingo allots so few invites! I'd never heard of that constraint. It seems many teams are bigger than that.

Last month Guarani went from zero contributors to seven in the matter of a few days. so maybe there's hope of getting a bigger quota?

Also very glad to hear about a Tree 2.0!


Please at least 2250 (counting all the inflections of a word as just one word) words to get a full B1 level on this language.

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