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Why are so many discussions about exercises locked now??

I can understand that discussions relating to exercises that have been removed might be locked, and it certainly makes sense that discussions that have veered too far off topic, or tend to become derogatory, might be locked, but I do not see that with most of the exercise discussions I want to participate in. Why has this happened? And more importantly, how are we supposed to get help understanding issues we might have with specific exercises now?

May 27, 2018



DL wants to hide the nasty things we say about their awful changes.


The fact that you do not see any off-topic or otherwise disrupting posts in the discussion does not mean there weren't any, the mods probably cleaned up the discussion repeatedly before they decided to lock it.

Anyway, if there isn't an answer to your question in the discussion, you'll probably have to create a new post in the general forum for the language. I don't think there's another way.

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