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Offline Mode does not work [Android]

I'm a little bit angry Ò_Ó Yesterday I learnt one unit on my android phone offline because I was on the subway. I finished the unit and Duo told me that I extended my streak.

But today I visit my online profile and see that nothing is tracked for yesterday. That cost me 10 lingots for the streak-freaze. My phone was online and had the chance to sync but I did not instead it reset its status and my unit I have learnt is reseted too :(

That is pretty frustrating!

Edit: The text sounds angrier than I am. It is not about the lingots, the experience or that the progress was not saved. This is more about that I didn't expect such a frustrating bug in the app.

April 25, 2014




You might get better responses if you move your post to trouble shooting

To do that click “edit” below your post, and than scroll up to the top to choose this forum in the drop down menu. Then save!


Thx FrankySka, I didn't see that topic at first


Hi there! Did you sync? And if you upgraded the app before syncing you would lose all progress you made in that offline session :/


I thought the app has synced. And I didn't see any updates. I even think I activated data plan just after I finished the unit so DL could sync afterwards.

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