"Ten dům měl málo oken, a proto nebyl příliš světlý."

Translation:That house had few windows, and so it was not very bright.

May 27, 2018

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"A proto" -> "that is why". No?

That house had few windows, that is why it was not too bright.


But that exact wording, i.e. "That house had few windows, that is why it was not too bright." is accepted.

Why don't you use the report button so that we could see what you actually typed in ;)


No, about an hour ago it was not accepted.

I always use report button before commenting. That is why it is strange for me to repeatedly hear that advice from the moderators.


We have no reports in this exercise from the past few weeks. That is why I wrote that advice again. Not sure if some reports are getting lost somehow?

I took your sentence, copy-pasted it into the debug field in the system and it gave me the green light meaning "this is an accepted answer" - then I also manually checked the various possible options and saw that, indeed, this sentence with "that is why" is one of the accepted ones. And the exercise had last been modified 2 years ago (no new answers added since). I only modified it afterwards to add "that is why" into a couple of other word orders.


Well, it is strange. The only reason I even came to the comment page for this exercise was the red-colored rejection page.


What's even stranger is that we don't have any recent report. The newest report we have is from 4 months ago (FYI for this answer: "That house had free windows and so it wasn't very bright")


Why is it "few windows", not "small windows" ?


málo - few, little, málo is an adverb of quantity

malý, malá, malé - an adjective meaning small, little

The house has small windows = Ten dům má malá okna


"That house had few windows, and therefore wasn't light enough."? Could a native speaker say this? (it was deemed wrong, which I thought harsh)


FWIW The reason is that "enough" is not accepted. Light is accepted. I would think that "therefore wasn't light enough" would be closer to "nebyl dost světlý" and that is not the same.


That makes sense, thanks!


Why is the answer marked wrong if 'it' is left out of the second phrase,

as a UK English speaker it seems redundant here.


What exactly did you answer? Please use the reporting feature "My answer should...".

"That house had few windows, and so was not very bright." is accepted.


"the house had few windows so that was not too bright" is not possible?


It doesn't sound right to me. Maybe it would be ok if you change "that" to it.

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