"Le disque original"

Translation:The original disk

April 25, 2014



the spelling in the Reverso dictionary is 'originel (elle)'

August 25, 2014


Well, apparently it could be either, but I'm not quite understanding what the distinction between "originel" and "original" might be.


WordReference says that "originel" specifically means "first", but surely that's what "original" means as well, in French or English.

Francophones, please elucidate.

Later edit: Upon further research, I'm getting the idea that "originel" is a less-frequently-used word, except in certain stock phrases ("le péché originel" = "original sin"), and it seems to refer generally to really old stuff - things from the earliest beginnings of whatever we're talking about. We might translate it as "primordial", perhaps.

April 20, 2015


Originale (plural originaux) means that it comes directly from the author, it is the first source of reproductions. Original means also unique or out of common.


-Version originale

-J'ai offert un cadeau original

However, originel means it comes from the origin. In a religious context, it goes back to the creation, to the first man created by God. We have also the expression the original sin

August 6, 2018


Le péché originel By the way both words means original in English

August 6, 2018
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