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How Do 'Words' Get Practiced?

Since the crown system has been implemented, I've found the addictiveness of Duolingo as a whole has gone way, way up for me. However, I'm not quite clear now on the most effective way to use the app (besides maintaining a solid streak of daily practice).

I see under the 'Words' section that some words get weaker as they go unpracticed. As I chase further down the tree for the next crown, I'm never quite sure whether or not I'm practicing words that are 'Time to Practice' or 'Overdue.'

Is the best way to ensure I'm practicing these words simply to use the 'Practice' button (instead of choosing a lesson on the tree)?

Thanks for any advice you guys have!

May 27, 2018



Try going to https://duome.eu/xxxxxx (replacing the x's with your duolingo username). When viewing your profile, click on the hyperlink to the name of the language you are studying and you will see a sortable progress table... hope this helps.


This is exactly what I was looking for. Incredible. Until Duolingo can link up spaced repetition with the new skill-tree format, I'll be using this resource. Thanks! Have a lingot!


Glad to be able to help; thanks for the lingot!


Hi, this is the Spanish forum, for getting help with Spanish grammar, vocabulary, resources, etc. Could you please edit your original post and use the drop-down list at top left to change the topic from "Spanish" to "Troubleshooting"? That way it won't clutter up the Spanish forum, and the answers you get might help others who look in Troubleshooting for information on how Duolingo works.

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You can use the "Practice" button on the home page: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002253251-With-Crowns-what-does-the-practice-button-do-

I'm not sure how strongly that is linked to the strength we are shown on the Words tab, however. The Words list has never matched up with the strength of the individual skills.


This is specifically for Spanish. The other language I'm learning, Esperanto, has no 'Words' button at the top.

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