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  5. "We are hot."

"We are hot."

Translation:Uns ist heiß.

May 27, 2018



Can someone please explain why is it "Uns ist heiß" and not "Wir sind heiß", please?


Wir sind heiß. = We are hot, i.e. sexy / attractive.

Uns ist heiß. (= Es ist uns heiß.) = We are hot, i.e. feeling warm.

Why now does German use dative here for the subject?

As you can see, one can phrase the sentence in a way that it uses an impersonal subject es, and German uses such dative structures for the logical subject quite often when the said subject of the sentences is subjected to / is suffering from a condition or state of mind / body.

Mir ist übel. = I am feeling nauseous.
Mir ist schwindlig. = I am feeling dizzy.
Mir ist langweilig. = I am bored.


Wir sind heiß is a valid phrase in German .... But it does not mean what you think it means, and it is a bit naughty.

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