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Is there a way I can switch to new tree?

I keep hearing about all the new skills in the new tree. The app on my phone is up to date but my tree hasn't changed. Is there any way I can switch to the new tree? I'd really like to start taking the new courses.

May 27, 2018



I'm still waiting to be moved over to the new Tree as well. It seems pretty random.


Count your blessings. The new tree seems to add more practice of the same old content, so it's not really new. With the change, Duo also no longer tells you which of your skills have faded to below 100%, making the "workout" button far less useful. I now have to log into a third party site every day to see which of my skills I should practice. I wish I could switch back to the old version.


Duolingo decides when to move each user. You can only wait until they reach you.


How do you know this?


Experience with other trees or courses that got slowly rolled out to users (Japanese on Android, the Dutch 2.0 tree).

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