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  5. "This is the key moment."

"This is the key moment."

Translation:Este es el momento clave.

May 28, 2018



I tried "Este el momento critíco", but DL did not accept my answer. I somehow felt "clave" or "llave" is too literal to be used here, but apparently (and curiously, actually) it has a similar metaphoric meaning en Español as well. At times, I find similarities between English and Spanish metaphors astounding.


I think "clave" is being used for emphasis and should come before "mimento." ¿Qué dicen los hablantes nativos?


This is a weird sentence


How is clave used instead of llave? Clave means secret code along with key. Llave just seems to mean key. Clave is derived from clavar with denotes hammering down of something. It all seems so convoluted and confusing.

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