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Why is "Yo escalaba en Yosemite" incorrect?

I’m trying to learn the past, pretérito and Imperfect. I came up with this sentence, “I was climbing in Yosemite” but a friend says it is incorrect, that it should be “Yo estaba escalando en Yosemite”.


May 28, 2018



La traducción literal de "I was climbing" es "Yo estaba escalando", pero "yo escalaba" puede ser válida también en ciertos contextos.


Because you are speaking about an ongoing action in the past. In this case, English and Spanish use the same structure: was climbing = estaba escalando. "Yo escalaba en Yosemite" is "I used to climb in Yosemite" or "I climbed in Yosemite [during a specific time frame]".


Hmm... I’m trying to wrap my head around that. I think I’m getting it.


night, i'm a native spanish speaker from Venezuela and let me tell you there is not such a big difference, it all depends on the context and the situacion . personally i will understand it either way. i want to practice my english, but sadly i have no one to help me with it, if you want, i can help you out with spanish and you of course with english, though im not very sure how things work in duolingo.. is there any message opcion besides this forums?

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