Pronouncing rr as [χ]

I read that this is done in Puerto Rico. I was wondering if it’s easy to understand for other Spanish natives.

May 28, 2018


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Yes, it is easy, but Puerto Rican variety is not well known. Other speakers know about l ("Puelto Rico") but not about X ("Puelto Xico"). It is interesting that the same process is happening in Portuguese (cachorro sounds "kashoXo").

May 28, 2018

So if I say “Necesito un cigaχo y un peχo.” (For a strange example) I’d be understood?

Yep. Someone could ask "Are you French?" I've read that this consonant is used in one region of the island. Do you know Residente? he uses it sometimes, but not his brother and sister. It is interesting that there are minimal pairs with [h] (Puerto Rican pronunciation for /x/), like "cojo" (koho) and "corro" (koxo/koχo) or "jamón" and "Ramón".

I’ll try to speak RR like most other dialects but hey when I’m having trouble I don’t mind sounding French. Just wanted to make sure it can be understood by the general Spanish speaking public.

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