How to say "game over"?

I have found sof hamischak or nigmaroo mischakim, but contradictory sources as to what is correct. this is coming at the end of a video game i am making where you have died. what should the caption say?

May 28, 2018


I am a native Hebrew speaker.

The correct version for a game is סוף המשחק

נגמרו המשחקים

can be with the literal meaning of - the games are over

Or it can be a saying which says for example :

Playtime is over, where is my money!? - נגמרו המשחקים, איפה הכסף שלי

May 28, 2018

המשחק נגמר, נגמר המשחק are used too

May 28, 2018

'sof hamischak' will be a better use for your video . A better suggestion is one option BenMaor3 suggested - 'hamisCHak nigmar" המשחק נגמר

June 21, 2018
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