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Way to type with umlauts quickly?

Any way to download something that allows me to use umlauts without clicking the buttons? I want to make it a habit to use them but it's just too annoying

May 28, 2018



my computer allows me to switch to a german keyboard, and umlauts are on the keys like + and ] and [ so it's easier to click them ^^ (and you press shift or control or whatever to get those characters.) but it really depends on your computer! good luck on your language learning journey :-)


If you use windows you can just change your keyboard to German.


Cool, I'll have test it out soon. Thanks.


That works for Mac too.


What you can do is to press SHIFT > " > and then the letter you want to put an Umlaut on. Example: ä ö ü ï ë


U can also use ae instead of ä, ue instead of ü, and oe instead of ö


Definitely correct. + ss for ß. Swiss write that letter only that way, don't have ß. German crossword puzzles (or our email addresses) are always using those.

But might be confusing for learners nevertheless.


You can also use alt codes, e.g. hold down alt + 129 = ü, alt + 225 = ß


On my computer (running Windows 7) the lower case characters are:

Alt+228 = ä Alt+246 = ö Alt+252 = ü Alt+223 = ß


I haven't memorised the capitals, though.


I do not know if duolingo accepts it, but in Germany we usually write "ae", "oe" or "ue" when not using the Umlaute themselves (i.e.: For user accounts, E-Mail addresses, etc.)

[deactivated user]

    On my iMac, if I hold down the "a" key, a little window opens giving me eight choices. If while still holding down that "a", I hit the "4" on the top row, my machine gives me an ä - with an umlaut. ö (8 choices) and ü (5 choices) require hitting the 2. Hold down the s (3 choices) and hit 1 and - an ß! Try it on your machine - it might work. It works on my husband's laptop, too. This also gives me all the extras I need for French and Spanish. ç, anyone? ñ?


    On a mac type opt + u which will produce an umlaut then type the vowel that you want to place under it. (opt + u) + a = ä | (opt + u) + u = ü

    To get the Eszett (ß) type (opt + s)

    [deactivated user]
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