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Request: displaying new vocabulary including article

Hi, I think it is a great feature, just learned/practised vocabulary being displayed after a finished session. However, I miss is the gender. It would be great if the new learned words would be displayed including their respective articles. E.g. instead of "You learned/strengthend pomme" say "la pomme". Thanks

March 25, 2013



I agree. Or, even better, also indicate gender in brackets (parentheses to you in America). Some words wouldn't be clear with just the article (e.g. l'homme).


That's exactly what I need. Just like in normal dictionaries: Tür (f), Bett (n). And maybe even the plural form and forms for different cases hidden inside a pop-up balloon.


I agree too. In fact it is considered very poor style to learn Nouns without articles for all languages with genders.


Yes, vocabulary lists throughout the site should include gender. This has been requested many times - I'm really surprised they haven't changed it yet. Gender is such a fundamental part of languages like these.


This feature would especially useful for German. Remembering the gender rules is the biggest problem for me at the moment!


An excellent idea. It would save having to track down the correct article via another dictionary. I currently do this by having something like Reverso open in another browser then writing it into a list which is effective but longwinded.

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