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Duo's pronunciation of "Orangen"

Has anyone else noticed that when Duo recites a sentence for you to write in German, the female voice pronounces the "g" in Orangen like the letter "j" but the male voice pronounces the "g" like the one in "lang?" Which is correct?

May 28, 2018



the "g" sound is definitely wrong - at least in SW-Germany. I speak it more like the French way. Then again, i've heard it the other way, too, with a elongated "O", "rang (like the German for rank)" "schen (like the start of the word Schenkel"


Interesting. Thanks!


If you have doubts, you may want to check out this word's pronunciation on Forvo (where all words are pronounced by real people, not machines): https://ru.forvo.com/word/orange_%28substantiv%29/#de

I also heard the word "Design" pronounced in German (here on Duolingo) as [de'zixn]. I am not a native speaker, but, for some reason, I don't think it's correct. Also, Forvo gives this version: https://ru.forvo.com/search/design/de/

Could native German speakers please comment on this?


"Design" in German is pronounced the same way as in English - at least we try to :). The Forvo version is good.

I guess "Orange" comes in all forms of germanized French. If unsure, go for "Apfelsine" which is the same thing.


Forvo - what a great idea! I often post pronunciations there, but I never thought of using it for Duolingo :)


the guy says it wrong. i report it every time, but it never gets fixed


I never heard the guy say it

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