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Why are there two Konjunktiv 2 Futur 2?

If you look here, there are 2 forms of Subjunctive II (Konjunktiv II) in Futur II.

The first one, which is würde...gewesen sein, is just the other way of saying wäre...gewesen.

How about the other Futur II?

LG Jason

May 28, 2018



There aren't two Knojunktiv 2 of Future 2, the table is just a little unclear with the headlines. "werde gewesen sein" belongs to Konjunktiv 1 (use: indirect speech), "würde gewesen sein" belongs to Konjunktiv 2 (use: wishes, things that aren't likely to happen)


The page is badly arranged. The first Futur II (Ich werde gewesen sein, du werdest gewesen sein...) still refers to Konjunktiv I.


Hi Jussel11, okay, then I will remove my comment with the link. Thanks. (I am too tired to continue the search for an other link.)

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