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"Fueron unos días calurosos."

Translation:They were some hot days.

2 months ago



This translation makes no sense to me, sorry. 'They were hot days' or 'There were some hot days' we would say in English.

2 months ago

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Sounds fine to me. Do you have a problem with the singular as well? It was a hot day.

2 months ago


with exactly the same construction previously the translation was 'They were cold days'.

2 months ago


A previous answer to a translation question was "They weren't cold days," so I would expect that "They were hot days," would also be correct.

1 month ago


An answer making no sense to you doesnt make the amswer wrong.

Perhaps truing to understand the grammar rule would be more constructive and beneficial than trying to rationalize it against another answer which, itself either has no context.

2 weeks ago