"Proč jsi předpokládal, že čeština je lehčí jazyk než němčina?"

Translation:Why were you assuming that Czech was an easier language than German?

May 28, 2018

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to assume is usually a attractive been and not used in continuous. It's not impossible bit we prefer 'under the assumption'.

I know it's the aspect etc. It just seems odd.


Both are accepted. Both seem to be possible https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=why+do+you+assume%2C+why+are+you+assuming

BTW, I do not want to sound sarcastic and I take your comment 100% seriously, but try to avoid typos and spelling mistakes when making arguments about grammar, it can make you look less credible than you might be. If you make a typo, you can correct it by editing the post.


As a native (US) English speaker, I can say that "assuming" is used quite often in the US, in the continuous form in multiple tenses. I am assuming -- I was assuming -- I have been assuming -- I had been assuming -- I will be assuming.... all good.

While "under the assumption" is definitely also used, I'd say it's probably used less often than the various "assuming" constructions. Perhaps there's a significant difference in US/UK usage?


That would also apply to Hiberno English


could we leave out "jazyk" and say: proc jsi prepokladal, ze cestina je lehci nez nemcina ? would it work? or not because of lehci ? thanks


It would work, čeština = český jazyk.

The full český jazyk is more formal, you will find it on certificates, school reports, textbook names and so on. But even textbook names may just use čeština.


thank you so much!


To jsem nepředpokládal. Nikdo by nikdy nepředpokládal, že čeština je snadnější než němčina.


proc je u cestiny neurcity clen a u nemciny zadny ? dekuji


U češtiny (Czech) žádný člen není, člen je před "language" a tam být musí. Oba konkrétní jazyky (Czech, German) jsou ve větě bez členu (a tak být musí).

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