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"Bydleli byste u Františkových rodičů?"

Translation:Would you live at František's parents'?

May 28, 2018



duolingo's handling of plural possessives is notoriously suboptimal. the grading algorithm performs string substitutions when comparing the user's answer with the list of accepted answers. one of those substitutions apparently strips the required word-terminal apostrophe from the accepted answers to expand that list in an effort to be more lenient. unfortunately, the exectution of this maneuver is not without errors and produces confusion in discussion headings and in correction messages to users.

it also makes it seem as if the volunteer teams do not know what they are doing, while the fault is with the professionals in pittsburgh who take correctly configured content and manage to turn it into incorrect messaging.


There is only one possibility in English:: parents’ Sometimes the “correct solution” translation given in the lesson is not the same as the translation that is given in the Discussion section. I suppose that you have to back into the lesson to see this.


There is no way it could give you parents without the apostrophe unless there is some serious bug in the Duolingo system. Sorry, you really, really confused me, but in the morning there was not a single accepted variant without the apostrophe. I only added it later because I thought you are requesting it (and I thought it is correct myself).


FYI parents just appeared for me without an apostrophe.


Where, in the suggested answer or in the word bank tiles? We do NOT control the word bank tiles, if you have problems with those, you must complain to Duolingo Troubleshooting.


I just had this problem, too.


Please see ValdaFu's earlier comment, and let us know where you ran into this problem.


Please, why is there: " Would you live at František's parents' "instead of "Would you live at František's parents"? I don't get it. Thanks.


Also, at my parents' means you live at their house or their place.


"František's parent's" (apostrophe before the "s") refers to only one of his parents. With the apostrophe following the "s," it refers to both of his parents.


Yeah, but I was asking about the apostrophe: parents' but VladaFu already explained that to me, thank you! I was not sure why there are two possesives in that sentence. I have thought about the sentence in a similar way to this: "Would you live at František's house".


@ VladaFu, BoneheadBass

That appears without an apostrophe as the correct answer:


Duolingo is doing something strange here. We cannot do anything.


Yes, it's okay. I wanted to say it's not a big problem. It's enough that others know about it.

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