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  5. "Das Huhn fuhr im Bus."

"Das Huhn fuhr im Bus."

Translation:The chicken rode in the bus.

May 28, 2018



“The chicken rode the bus”. In English we would like not say “in the bus”, unless you want to distinguish between riding on it, or under it.


'The chicken rode on the bus' is not accepted. Reported.


i can't understand a bloody thing this male voice says & when i try to get the slow version, he swallows half his words so that it is impossible to get these translations correct based on what i hear! please fix!!


Agree, incredibly unclear audio, particularly on the slow version. As it's already an improbable sentence that makes it very hard to decipher.


What are the differences between "Hähnchen", "Hühnchen", "Huhn" and "Hühner"?


How are we supposed to tell the difference between "fuhr" and "vor"?


fuhr/ ist gefahren - Das Huhn fuhr im Bus.
vor - Das Huhn stand vor dem Bus.


I suspect the question was more about the similarity in pronunciation, especially for an untrained ear.

And the answer to that should be in positional context, ie. "das Huhn vor im Bus." would not make sense grammatically. First, it lacks a verb to complete the sentence as is. Second, "vor im" is also improper.

However, "das Huhn vor dem Bus" looks like a possibility as a part of a more complex sentence.

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What's wrong with "the chicken took the bus"?

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