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  5. "As hard as nails"

"As hard as nails"

Translation:Mgumu kama msumali

May 28, 2018



I learned msumari/ misumari. But either way should it not be plural? I know certain tanzanian tribes write using l instead of using r in several words because there are no r's in the mother tongue.


I think they spell it with "r" earlier in the course and I think that's the standard advocated by BaKiTa, the Tanzanian authority on Swahili.

As for the question about whether it's plural ... I'm not sure. If this is something Swahili speakers say idiomatically, it should be left, because maybe they literally say "As hard as a nail" in the same contexts as English speakers say "as hard as nails", but if it's just a direct translation and not an idiomatic expression, then yeah, it should be misumari.

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