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"Yo quiero una camiseta."

Translation:I want a T-shirt.

3 months ago



Difference between camiseta y camisa?

1 month ago

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Camiseta is a t-shirt, undershirt, or sports jersey. Camisa is a shirt such as a polo or button-down. Camisa also has some non-clothing meanings.

Camiseta http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/camiseta

Camisa http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/camisa

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8 hours ago


This "T-shirt" thing is too specific. This should accept any variation of "T-shirt" like "tshirt" "t shirt" etc

3 months ago


Didn't accept I want a tee shirt. The "correct" answer was " I want one tee shirt." Is that right?

2 months ago

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In case you're interested, too, Wiktionary says "camiseta" came from "camisa + ete/eta", and "-ete/eta" is "added to nouns and adjectives that often adds a diminutive sense to the base". So, the "eta" part is not related to "T-".

1 month ago


Tshirt....tshirt...teeshirt..come on....why not..???

2 months ago


It's World Cup time and I should be allowed to translate "camiseta" as "jersey."

2 months ago


Anyone else getting marked incorrect before they even speak? I press the microphone button and it automatically says it's incorrect before I've had a chance to say anything. I can't seem to get this resolved. I have zero background noise.

1 month ago


Poll: What kind of t-shirt would you like? Personally I would want a fan-girl video game t-shirt or a nice simple black shirt with white league stripes at the sleeves.

2 weeks ago