Translation:We are crazy.

May 28, 2018



Sorry but I have to know the answer: "mama we're all crazy now" translates to what? I really want "mama" to translate to "mama" so we end up with something like "mama, mamaw' DaH"


Sorry, mama is most likely {SoSoy}, and the {DaH} must precede the sentence. So {SoSoy, DaH mamaw'.} would be closer, I think.

I also think {Hoch} needs to be between the {DaH} and {mamaw'} somewhere in there, but I'm not sure if it can be.


Because Hoch is still referring to the subject group that is included in the ma-, you should theoretically put the Hoch in the subject position after the verb. There is disagreement in the speaking community about whether this is allowed or not. In any case, it's not really necessary since "we" can cover "we all".


Thanks for the swift reply. I enjoyed the idea anyway ;-)

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