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  5. "¿Tienes el diario de hoy?"

"¿Tienes el diario de hoy?"

Translation:Do you have today's paper?

May 28, 2018



Why not "do you have the newspaper of today"?


I agree, i have the same answer. Not being a native english speaker I have more errors in english now than in my spanish, frustrating


I do too ;-) But maybe we can consider it as an english lesson too, two flies in one blow :-)


Yes, I have the same. My Spanish is always good, but I use the "wrong


that is the word for word translation of the sentence. but in English that's just the way we say it. technically your answer isn't wrong, it's just not how it would be said in English, unless you're from some sort of old English movie haha. But to avoid saying the _ of _ , English speakers use the apostrophe with whatever or whoever the (owner) is. As in David's sister, rather than "the sister of David". Today's paper, rather than "the paper of today". I hope that helps.


Thanks for your reaction. Linda


This sentence would connote a difrerent meaning. You would be asking if someone has a newspaper of the present time rather than a newspaper of the past.

For example, "Televisions of today do not have dials like televisions of old."


So "diario" is "today's paper" and "periódico" is newspaper as a general from any time?

Thus, i can call the same object as diario and perdiódico depends on the time im saying it?


I have also give this answer. And I also think that it is wright


Why not "Do you have the newspaper today?"


I think that would be "Tienes el diario hoy" and, that has a different meaning, as you could have an old newspaper rather than the one from that day.


Thank you. I figured it would be kind of acceptable, but too vague if they are talking about the papers of that specific day.


Is there a difference between "diario" and "periódico"?


I am not positive, but since diario translates to daily, the above example asks if you have the daily. Diario de la mañana would be the morning daily.

Periódico means the periodical which seems to me becomes, idiomatically, newspaper. Indeed, both diario and periódico seem to be idiomatic. In English we sometimes use daily, but more often "today's newspaper".

Guess: both mean the same but could be used according to geography????

Superman, as Clark Kent wrote for the Daily Planet. :-)


Newspaper should be accepted as correct

[deactivated user]

    It is find out whatever else you had wrong


    I tried, "do you have today's newspaper. " i was marked wrong?


    Yup, had this answer marked wrong.


    Newspaper rather than paper


    The pronunciation is easily misunderstood


    It's awful. Frustrating !


    This voice is verrry hard to understand. I know they are trying to incorporate different ages and genders however I had to repeat the question multiple times.


    I reported it, I dom't know what good it will do. All I could hear when she said 'de' was 'they.' I can see where if my spanish was better I'd be able to figure it out. Maybe I need more sleep. All one can say in reporting it is "I't was something else."


    To me, the male voice seems to be saying "pienes", "viario", and "ve" for "tienes", "diario" and "de", even in turtle mode.


    Why 'el' diario?


    Today's paper = the paper of today.

    [deactivated user]

      The paper of the day wasn't accepted. Although it should have been


      Is there a difference between diario and périodico?


      I believe it is the same difference as "The Daily" and the "Newspaper". Diario = Daily Périodico = Newspaper


      Why is "Have you today's paper" been marked wrong?


      Because it's not yet in the database. Next time, report it so the mods have a chance to add it.


      Do you have the newspaper from today


      Newspaper wasn't accepted, shouldn't it be?


      'Do you have the newspaper from today? ' Yep.. that is a good translation as far as i can tell. Up until now in my lessons on this app newspaper has been what el diario meant, so i dont get why it would suddenly have to be shortened to 'the paper'... And 'the newspaper from today' is a normal alternate way of saying 'today's newspaper.'. (Idontgetit.)

      [deactivated user]

        I tried do you have the newspaper up today and do you have the journal of today and do you have the diary of today and do you have today's journal and do you have today's diary but the only thing that worked was do you have today's newspaper

        [deactivated user]

          Do you have the newspaper of today. not "up". Anyway I thought all of these should have been acceptable so I reported them 2/22/19.


          "Have you taday's newspaper" is standard British English, and always has been, reflecting the Germanic origins of the language


          Why wrong: Do you have a today's newspaper?


          Because of the a


          why is; Do you have the newspaper of today? wrong?


          Where did diario come from? Is it slang for periodico?


          Already asked and answered. Please read through the discussion


          Yes, It is another word for newspaper


          What is wrong with "Do you have today's newspaper?"


          So what would be the difference between diario and periodico?


          What on earth could one be marked wrong for translating diarios as newspaper? Why do i have to say papers to be correct? Tut. I've had enough.


          Do you have today's paper = have you today's paper. Should not be marked incorrect. Navtive English speaker.


          I used " the newspaper for today " and it was ok


          If you have in Spanish "el" it suppose to be in English "the" . Why in English in this case the article is missing ?


          The simple answer is that Spanish grammar requires articles in places not required by English grammar rules. Use of articles is much more frequent in Spanish than in English.


          I put Do you have the paper today? Marked wrong.


          English is my first language and this was marked wrong - Do you have the paper today?


          Technically constructs of "noun1 de noun2" mean possessive. Apostrophe "s" to indicate that noun2 possesses (owns) noun1.

          El periódico de hoy = Today's newspaper.

          El gato de Juan = Juan's cat


          You guys are just going to far. My answer should have been accepted. If not tell me why, with reason


          What was your answer?


          I thought newspaper was periódico?


          I can't see what I have written


          what is the difference between diario and periódico? Thanks for the responders


          Diario = daily. NEWSPAPER=PERİODİCO


          Do you have the newspaper today? - What's wrong with that? El diario (which is the wrong word anyway) is THE NEWSPAPER, not today's newspaper. You know, I'm quitting when my subscription runs out. I don't seem to be able to get these nuances and I'm sick of being wrong. I know English too well. Spanish makes no sense to me. I'm not saying they're wrong. I'm just saying it does not click with me. And whatever happened to periódico? A diary is something you write yourself, not something to publish and share with the world. Fornicar este idioma..


          why is Do you have today's newspaper not accepted ?!?!? like really!!


          Why not "newspapers"?


          I have exactly the same


          I dont want or need the cartoon to " cheer" me. Your new "thing". Nor should you SHUT DOWN a person who "USED UP HEARTS". Punish a learner who made MISTAKES???????? And the shift in ads. Are you marketing to tweens?

          I have been with you for over seven years.

          Will leave in a day when/ sorry - did find a great tut through my library.

          Your new ads do not come close to who i am.


          Why can't it be "Do you have today's diary?"


          What kind of diary would that be?


          My respose should be acceptable

          [deactivated user]

            That's real nice but we have no clue what you responded so how do we know?

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