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Duolingo needs to do a better job...

I was surprised when I saw duolingo added chinese. I was disappointed in it though. There is no practice for writing characters and there needs a steadier lesson plan. The second lesson is on names! The lesson jumps way to much and if duolingo can fix this, I will be very happy!

May 28, 2018



If you have a mac and want to draw the characters, then put the "use your keyboard" option and go to keyboard settings and install the stroke or pinyin keyboard.


ive been struggling to learn stroke order and to get the pronunciations. Duolingo does not help with this. I will continue to use duolingo, but Im going to have to find some other way to learn this. Using duolingo, i might learn to read by recognizing charachters, but I wouldn't be able to speak or write


Skritter is an excellent service for learning to write Chinese. Maybe Duolingo didn't want to re-invent the wheel?

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