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  5. Necesito ayuda con vacaciones


Necesito ayuda con vacaciones

I feel like sometimes this word is plural and sometimes it is singular and I do not understand AT ALL why???

I have gotten it wrong a lot, sometimes I type vacacion (sorry, I can only use accents on my phone) and it is really vacaciones and vice verse.

No comprendo. Please help?

May 28, 2018



In my experience as a native speaker, only "vacaciones" is possible, at least in the varieties I know and in the 21th century. Maybe "vacación" was used decades ago or in some dialect. I think Duolingo shouldn't include "vacación".


Thank you so much! I've only seen the singular version like once or twice, it is usually vacaciones. But with it thrown in there I was really confused based on my own knowledge of singular and plural words. Again, Thanks!


Do not worry about "Vacación". "Vacaciones" is widely used in almost all cases. There are very few exceptions and all are mainly related to the temporary rest of a habitual activity, mainly of remunerated work or studies. It's a bureaucratic term, mostly.


This makes some sense. Thank you for your help!

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