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what if you don't want to use your lingots do they just sit around and collect dust?

i don't know what to do with my lingots. i don't want to spend them on the things at the store what do i do with them?

May 28, 2018



You can take them out occasionally and blow the dust off.


You reward people with DL friendly comments. You give them away freely....like good ol' Bob Cratchit. :) Enjoy another Lingot.


You can give them to posts in the forum that you find helpful. Otherwise, no: They don't collect dust, fortunately. I have a few of them, and they are as sparkling as ever :-)


I find they give you bragging rights. "I have 100!" "Well I have 101, take that!" And so forth.


Unfortunately, there's not much you can buy in the store with them to begin with. You could, however, find a comment that you think is useful and give them to the poster.

[deactivated user]

    Well Josie as it turns out, there is a valid use of lingots. I am saving up my lingots so that I may take over the world someday. As I am not yet in charge I assume I do not yet have enough lingots. So send me all your lingots and I'll see to it you're well treated. ;P


    Yes they do nothing if you don't use them.


    You can celebrate people who have reached certain milestones like streaks or the completion of a language tree. If you don't want to use them that way you can just brag about it to your friends. (but not too much ;) And no, They don't collect dust. Hope this helped!


    You could bring them down to your local lingot exchange and trade them in for some cool goodies. I have allready traded in some of mine for a brand new ride on lawnmower. I am now saving for a mountain bike.


    Instead of counting sheep when you can't sleep, try counting lingots.
    Or just be like a Count and count the lingots.


    Have your jeweler inlay them into your toilet seat so you can feel like a king.


    Thank you everyone for the advice i will use these new resources now!!


    to me , lingots are kinda pointless.


    You could keep having them multiply by constantly wagering them ("YES, I won my wager!!!")

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