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About Chinese keyboard

I follow the duolingo course on a computer with windows . To be able to write some Chinese characters I put an microsoft Chinese keyboard. So to write a character I have to put its pinyin value ... or the beginning of it ... and after choose at the top of the virtual keyboard the right character. For instance if I want to right 中 I write “z” and I choose it because it appears before I write “zhong”. I suppose it appears quick because 中is frequent. I would like to know if in China ...or countries where the Chinese language is very use... the keyboards works like that. Thank you.

May 28, 2018



There are a number of different Chinese keyboards in use. You can read about them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_input_methods_for_computers

When I was first learning to type in Chinese, I tried using the Cangjie input method. It can be an extremely efficient way of typing if you know what you're doing, but sadly I didn't. The Pinyin method that you're describing is however much easier to use, especially for people new to the language.

I'm not sure which input method is more popular among native Chinese speakers however. They each have their own pros and cons.


Thanks a lot for your answer Jessica !


I and many of my Chinese friends use a pinyin-based keyboard. However, I have a Taiwanese friend who uses Cangjie, but I can't speak for all of Taiwan and China.


I lived in China for 5 1/2 years. Most people use pinyin input.


Ah ok, thanks a lot.


Chinese here, and Bingo! I work for Sogou(搜狗输入法), the most popular Chinese IME in the Mainland. And yes here in the mainland we mostly use Pinyin, popular IMEs will provide you with predicative words according to their frequencies and popularity, so when you type "z", there is a good chance you will get "在 再 种 中 做" on your IME candinates bar. And according to my knowledge, in Taiwan/Hongkong/Maocao they use Cangjie/Zhuyin(Taiwan version of Pinyin), that's for traditional chracters. On your phone I would suggest "Typany keyboard", that is my company's new muilti-language keyboard, I am currently working on this project:)

Have fun typing there!



Thank you Brian.


Most people use pinyin keyboard, but others exsist


Can anyone tell me what are the rough percentages for how many people use pinyin-based methods vs others? @brianliu17 do you have any statistics you could share?


well, I dont have any statistics, quite sure in the mainland it will be over 90% for pinyin, then maybe 10% something for Wubi. In Taiwan is Zhuyin then Cangjie, Honh Kong and Macau are mostly Cangjie.

https://chinese.stackexchange.com/questions/5675/which-imes-input-method-editors-are-actually-most-used-in-each-of-prc-roc-an these links might help.


thanks a lot brianliu17!

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