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  5. "I am afraid of my wife."

"I am afraid of my wife."

Translation:Bojím se své manželky.

May 28, 2018



In another sentence, it says 'Bojíš se o tvoji manželku?' .... What difference does it make to use 'o' or not to use it? (In sense of meaning/translation of the word). Thank you in advance!

'Bojíš se o tvoji manželku?' = Accusative?
'Bojím se své manželky.' = Genitive?


That's correct.

"bát se o něco" vs. "bát se něčeho" vs. "bát se udělat něco"

"to be afraid for something" vs. "to be afraid of something" vs. "to be afraid to do something"


Can you explain why do we need to difference between genitive and accusative in this case?


See my comment above. o něco is accusative and něčeho is genitive. The meaning is different.


Bojím se manželky is accepted as well. If I'm correct this could also mean to be afraid of wifes in general, in spoken Czech accusative. Right?


That is very unlikely. Plural manželek would be used.

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