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  5. "Dad always makes breakfast."

"Dad always makes breakfast."

Translation:Papá siempre hace el desayuno.

May 28, 2018



Please get rid of hearts system . Punishing mistakes is not a productive method of teaching!


No personal "a" before Papa?


You don't use the personal "a" before the subject of the sentence. Only when a person is the object.

This is a key reason for why the personal "a" exists -- to mark who the object is, because word order is more flexible in Spanish.

In English we can say "John calls Mary" or "Mary calls John" and it's perfectly clear who is doing the calling, and who is being called.

In Spanish we can rewrite the first one as "Juan llama a Maria" or "A Maria llama Juan" and in both cases it means "John calls Mary". Without the personal "a" we wouldn't know which one is the subject.


Would "hace desayuno" instead of "hace el desayuno" be correct?


When talking about the meal we use the article in Spanish. Hace desayuno just doesn't sound right.


It doesnt make any sense that always comes before the verb but usually doesn't??.

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