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Progress-tracking discrepancies between website and mobile app

I think I understand the difference in cutoff times for various scoring counters, on the web versus in the app, but there are other things that I don't understand. For example, the website says I have learned 3001 words; the Android app says I've learned 4906. I don't really care about the numbers, but I'm curious to know if, perhaps, the website applies a higher standard of repetition for "learned."

Great experience! Keep up the good work!

May 28, 2018



maybe sort the word list in alphabetical order and see the differences. it might shed some light.

maybe android counts tener and all the conjugations as seperate words but the web only counts it as one word.


Nice hypotheses, but no. While the mobile app does not provide a word list, the website does. The website counts roja and rojo separately, for example, and yet the website count lags the app count by 1900 words -- a variance of more than 40% in my case. Just weird.


I think www.duome/(username), (username) is your own username, gives you a real image of what you have managed so far and many more other details. But it is difficult to decipher this site as it is a more linguistic and statistical oriented site.


Hey cool! I'll check that out. I'm kind of a math geek. Thanks to everyone who has replied!

2018-07-22 update - did not find any URLs like that


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