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Gave crowns a shot, but they don't compare to duome.eu

This isn't a rant or a list of complaints. I just want to compare my findings with others, now that we've had time to use the new system.

I finished my tree a few years ago, but enjoyed keeping my tree gold(ish) with speed reviews. This was a great way to practice my Spanish typing, always striving for correct accents and the like. I was really excited to try Crown, since I've always been excited to try whatever new features Duo cooks up.

I'm not interested in leveling everything to five. I leveled all but one skill to two and found it lackluster. There were no new sentences and it was painful to move between skills trying to remember not to skip one. I wish the Strengthen button did something, anything. It still provides endless reviews, but without any feedback I don't see a point.

duome.eu has been great. I like to review the three or four weakest. It provides a functionality that Duo used to offer.

So, am I missing something? Is there a better way? I notice a different mix of sentences when working on crowns and I don't find it engaging. I'm a Latin teacher of thirteen years, so I know something about language learning exercise and monotony ;)

May 29, 2018



I agree with Dan. I don't mind the repetition on the higher levels. Now that I have everything up to 3 crowns, the thought of going through 50+ lessons of repetition for the basic stuff is just de-motivating.

Also, Dan, I don't understand your comment on duome.eu. All I get when I go to that is a streak hall of fame. what review of the 3 - 4 weakest are you talking about?


Yea.. I still don't like the crowns.. Keeping the tree golden was great motivation and kept you working on weak skills. I am having to try to find new ways to keep myself motivated and make sure that I practice weaker skills and don't fall into the habit of just playing around with easier ones to maintain my streak . What I am doing now is working on getting all of my spanish skills up to one practice away from leveling up to a new crown. Then one day I will do those lessons and get a whole bunch of crowns at once. Yea.. it is pretty silly and useless but at least it is making me work toward a goal.


I don't think it's silly. That sounds like a good way to spread the review. I might steal it.


That's exactly what I've been doing too. Although I may quit instead of going for all the crowns!


I have used duolingo nearly every day for a year and a half and had absolutely no intention to stop or slow down.

As soon as crowns was released, my motivation was killed. So much so that I haven't been on duo for a few weeks now which is shocking.

I'm really disappointed - although there is more to learn on crowns, there was plenty enough on the old golden skill tree.


I never used the old system. I just decided to get on here to refresh my Spanish, and while I see the benefits, it is very basic


Can I ask, what level were before you started Duolingo?

I've been trying Busuu for high level listening exercises.


Crowns drag everything out until you can no longer stand it.


I tried crowns, hate them, and now I quit Duo. Bye.


Hi Dan, For you, all that endless repetition is a waste of your time. Undoubtedly you are a fast learner and your experience teaching latin for thirteen years has been beneficial in learning languages as well.

However, not all students learn quickly. I have taught elementary school students for 34 years and have found many students need 6 or more repetitions for learning to occur. Retention varies too. Unless frequent review takes place the skills begin to fade. I think Duolingo has tried to help these students. Unfortunately, too much retention turns off gifted and talented fast learners such as yourself.

It would be great if Duolingo could create more options to the repetitive drills especially for those needing less drill. Pretests and skill mastery tests would be helpful too with options of reaching a certain score allowing the student to bypass some of the drill or even a level.


I don't think I'm a fast learner necessarily, I'm just farther along the journey. I would be level 25 if I hadn't reset. I just wish they would reincorporate a Strengthen button for those of us who want to keep their skills sharp. The endless repetition is what kept me coming back. :)

I really like the idea of Crowns, I just think a few small tweaks could go a long way. I was also hoping I was missing something simple ;)


There is a strengthen button for the overall program. It doesn't increase your crown level (unlike the old one, where the skill you practiced could become gold), but it does work. I haven't really noticed if the sentences are different using that.


If it doesn't increase the crown level, I would say it doesn't work. The whole point of using digital exercises is to track progress and track review. It it doesn't raise anything, it isn't tracking anything.


I agree, I used to use both the gilded tree and making sure my fluency level had not dropped as the trackers when using the strengthen button. there is no visual tracker now

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