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  5. "'IHqu' wo'rIv."

"'IHqu' wo'rIv."

Translation:Worf is very handsome.

May 29, 2018



Yes, he is. So is Mr. Dorn.


I can't believe someone downvoted your comment. I agree 100%, and almost came here to say the same thing! :-)


Must have been envious. Some people can't stand other people receiving their due.


Why is it that when you put your mouse over the word " 'IH " that the hint box displays a diamond shape instead of the translation beautiful/handsome?


Duolingo has some kind of technical issues meaning that it can't display hints for words that start with an apostrophe.

The hints are there for us course maintainers to see, but they're not displayed to learners, unfortunately.

Duolingo developers are aware of this bug, but I'm not sure how far up on their list of priorities it is, so it may take some while to get fixed.

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