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  5. "'IHqu' wo'rIv."

"'IHqu' wo'rIv."

Translation:Worf is very handsome.

May 29, 2018



Yes, he is. So is Mr. Dorn.


I can't believe someone downvoted your comment. I agree 100%, and almost came here to say the same thing! :-)


Must have been envious. Some people can't stand other people receiving their due.


I think Worf is handsome but the actor who plays him doesn't appeal to me at all. To each their own.

Anyway, don't assume that somebody was downvoting the truth value of the comment. They might have downvoted because some of us are pretty annoyed at the frequency with which we click on the comments in a lesson because we are hoping to see some of the informative grammar and vocabulary discussions to find instead that our time is being wasted yet again with somebody's sophomoric jokes and other things that have nothing whatsoever with actually learning the language. It takes me three times as long to get through a lesson because of all the inane comments posted. But I can't risk not opening the discussion page because then I might miss one of the truly informative discussions about Klingon.

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