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"We work except when it rains."

Translation:Wir arbeiten außer wenn es regnet.

May 29, 2018



Can someone explain the difference between wenn and wann? I thought wenn meant "if" and wann meant "when" but I think I've misunderstood.


So außer means except too?


Yes, "außer" means "except". "Alle arbeiten, außer mir (less common: außer ich)" ("Everybody is working, except me"), "Ich arbeite täglich außer sonntags" ("I work daily except on Sundays"), "Zu Weihnachten will ich nichts außer Plätzchen" ("I don't want anything for Christmas except cookies").

And then there's phrases like "Er ist außer Landes / außer Haus" = "He is abroad / not 'in the house' (i.e., not here at his home/office/business), or "Ich bin außer Stande (more common: außerstande), das zu tun" ("I am unable to do that", very formal), but they're more closely related to "außen" = "outside" ("die äußere Schicht" = "the outward layer").


How about 'Ich bin außer mir vor Freude'? This is one sentence I like very much.

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