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"Qo'noS mon 'oH veng wa'DIch'e'."

Translation:The First City is the capital of Kronos.

May 29, 2018



That's good to know.


Why is “The First City of Kronos is the capital” wrong? Or could that be accepted as a translation?


In this sentence Qo'noS and mon are two nouns and next to each other. In such a case, the first noun describes the second noun. So Qo'noS mon means something like "Kronos's capital" or "the capital of Kronos". To get the meaning you are going for ("the first city of Kronos"), you would need to move Qo'noS to instead be describing the first city: Qo'noS veng wa'DIch.

While the difference is subtle in both English and Klingon, the difference exists in both languages and so we expect you to maintain that difference in both languages.


In my opinion, it is wrong to use "The" with "First City". We don't say "The Washington D.C.".


But you do say “the United States” and “the United Kingdom” even if you don’t say “the Canada” or “the England” — because the first two country names consist of a common noun (states, kingdom) preceded by an adjective.


Yes, but First City is the capital city of Kronos and is a city, not a country. IMO, the translation given by Duo for this sentence should be "First City is the capital of Kronos.". Whether or not you accept " The First City" as correct is another matter. A Klingon would never say "I'm going to The First City", and we should be learning Klingon here.


Well, a Klingon would be speaking Klingon, where there no articles, making the discussion moot :)

That said, I personally treat First City as a proper noun and don’t use an article, but others (including the Memory Alpha and Memory Beta articles, http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/First_City and http://memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/First_City ) do use the article, so you may see a mix of styles on this course depending on who added a given sentence — and as jdmcowan wrote, both versions are generally accepted.


Because "First City" is both a description and a name, and particularly because Duolingo will not distinguish whether it is capitalized or not, we accept it both ways.


Good to see an audio question


I just accidentally marked my answer as 'should've been correct, but I had the subject & object reversed - sorry guys.


No need to come here and notify us. We'll eventually see the report and just delete it. And you should look up the replacement proverbs. They are what a Klingon uses instead of apologizing.

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