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Best approach


What is the best approach to go through levels? Example: Is it better to go through all the levels of FOOD and practice then we jump to ANIMALS and do the same? or we finish level 1 in FOOD and then we finish level 1 in ANIMALS and so on till the end and then we start over for level 2?

Please assist.

May 29, 2018



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It seems something like this is completely up to you. Some people go for crown 5 before moving on. Others go crown 1 in everything first. Then there are people in between.

In my opinion getting crown 1-2 in everything first give you a good base to work from.

Then stengthen your weaker skills, either through checking Duome.eu or focusing on the higher level skills etc

Do you really need crown 5 in “I am a man” “I am an apple” level skills?


A mixture of both, IMO. When we learn something, we immediately begin to forget it. The research on this goes back more than a century and has led to the "spaced repetition" systems that form the basis of Duolingo, Memrise, Anki, etc. The idea is to reinforce what you have learned just before you forget it. I suggest finishing level one in a skill and then moving on to the next skill, while at the same time using the practice button everyday. If you are focused on crowns a way to achieve similar results is to finish skill one and then simultaneously start skill two (towards your first crown) and keep working towards crown two on skill one. Worked for me.


I just asked a similar question actually. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27451140

Essentially, it's up to you how many times you go through it. Get comfortable with the basics and move forward - at least that's what seems to work for most people.


Thank you guys, you all were helpful.

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