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"Los gatos aprendieron inglés hace cuatro años."

Translation:The cats learned English four years ago.

May 29, 2018



It want to visit duolingo's crazy farm!


Faster than I'm learning Spanish, I'll bet.


Hahaha come on!! You couldn't find other example with animals?


I can relate. My cat still ignores me though


I think it was in anticipation of opening their restaurant.


How are these animals learning english!!!? Does duolingo have animal languages?


You got me there. I can't find the cat to English learning section.


I'm studying for a translation exam in children's literature so this section is actually really realistic for what I'll be doing!


What does hace mean in this sentence


It's the way to say "x time ago". It doesn't translate well into English, although someone might say something like, "I guess that makes 10 years that I've been working here."


The cats just don't bother to listen to anything said in English. Or Spanish.


I have translated this sentence as 'the cats learned English four years ago'. They learned it four years ago. Nothing related to the present. However the French use the present tense with 'depuis' to translate the English ...have been learning FOR .... (time). Is there an equivalent in Spanish to translate what I call the 'Present Perfect Continuous' tense? (J'aprends l'Espanol depuis cinq mois)? I have been learning Spanish for five months?


he estado aprendiendo


I don't think this is something that would be said in English. What would be more likely is to say somebody studied English 4 years ago. To say you learned it is to say there is no more to learn which is not something one would likely say about a language but something more specific like the verb to be or conjugating the future. It's even less likely to say that about cats lol.


I am just sitting here on my little farm really steamed that Duolingo is teaching me completely USELESS sentences. I rushed forward for this crap?


Are you learning the language or memorizing it? If learning it, there is no such thing as useless sentence. Each and every one of them teaches grammar and vocabulary.

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