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"Yo quiero comprar una camisa."

Translation:I want to buy a shirt.

May 29, 2018



I am learning Spanish bevause I am pr and my mom didnt teach me how to speak Spanish and that is all my abuela speaks she knows a little bit of english and I can bearly speak to her and I am very sad


Wow that's kind of sad, I'm sorry! Do you know why she didn't teach you Spanish?


I understand same 4 me im Guatemalan and African american and im trying to catch up


That is sad. Families are sometimes so busy with just getting by that they don't pass on the extra languages, so the parents can speak two languages but the children can't. In my family four generations back Scottish Gaelic was allowed to die out. It's great you're learning Spanish and I'm sure your grandmother appreciates it.


Im so sorry to hear that i am from asia and learning spanish for interest i have learnt it well with this app and i think you can learn it too


Same here unfortunately


Dont be sad Destiny.. soon you will be able to talk to your abuela in Spanish keep practicing your Spanish every day


I sorry to hear that !


Happened to alot of us! Im PR snd Colombian. My parents never bothered to teach us.


Same! But duolingo doesn't teach the language i need(malayalam) so i am learning Spanish cuz so many people speak it.


Why isn't "I want to pay for a shirt" correct?


Because to pay is pagar and to buy is comprar


Pagar es el verbo para "to pay" en ingles.

Y comprar es el verbo para "to buy" en ingles.

Estes dos verbos no son los mismos.


Hey, I understand the two first sentences


pay and buy are different words in spanish


I mean they are also different words on english


'Comprar' is 'to buy', so you have to say 'I want to buy a shirt'.


What is the difference between la camisa and la camiseta?


La camisa is a shirt while la camiseta is a T-shirt which is more casual clothing


You have made a small mistake.

La camisa es "the shirt" en inglés, no "a shirt".

Y la camiseta es " the T-Shirt" en inglés, no "a T-shirt".



Still, i dont know the difference. Would you wear a shirt at the office,and a tshirt on holiday?


T-Shirt (wore on a day off or when going to the beach) is what you wear with the logo or picture of your favorite band or singer.

While a Shirt (More casual or business casual) could be either a Polo or Dress shirt.

Hope this helps.


That's a French word ,I think


Thats French but its confusing because French has spanish roota


"Yo quiero a comprar una camisa" why have they not written the "a".


Because 'comprar' means 'to buy'. To be boring, it's an infinitive verb... and in English, infinitive verbs are often expressed as 'to...' plus the verb base. E.g., 'to sleep', 'to buy'. Peeps would never say "I want buy a shirt." Similarly, they'd never say "I want to to buy a shirt."


It may be boring, but you just solved one of the biggest issues ive had with the Spanish language. Thank you so much TheArtOfFHP, enjoy a few lingots.


Im getting there im greek and la camiseta is easy cause its a greek word


How would you say i'm buying a shirt... ? Yo compraro una camisa?


As far as I can tell, "compraro" doesn't exist as a word. If you want "I buy a shirt.", that would be "Yo compro una camisa." and "I am buying a shirt." would be "Yo estoy comprando una camisa."


I could be wrong easily enough but I believe the sentence would be "soy/estoy comprando una camisa". I forget which "I am" to use (I think it would be "estoy", not sure) but it will be needed just as in English, and the conjugation of Spanish infinitive "-ar" verbs to "-ando" is generally equivalent to the English conjugation of the infinitive into "-ing".


uh....why isn't it compro -- conjugation?


Yep! In fact, "comprar" is the base infinitive form of the verb meaning to "to buy". In Spanish, when you have two verbs next to each other, while the first is given one of the five or six simple-tense conjugations in agreement with the subject, the second verb must be in the base infinitive form. There's actually a similar rule in English: You don't say "I want I buy a shirt" after all, you say "I want TO buy a shirt".


When is it correct to use un an una?


Just like with "el" and "la", it depends on the gender of the noun it's attached to. And to figure that gender out will require researching the noun itself. If it's masculine, use "un", if feminine use "una".


It says that "comprar" means "buy" or "get," which are very different. How would I know if comprar is used as "buy" or "get?"


Ive heard people say quiero a comprar. Is this wrong?

[deactivated user]

    yes, it is... you can say

    yo voy a comprar...

    yo tengo que comprar... but...

    yo quiero comprar...


    Would "yo quiero compro una camiseta" also be grammatically correct? Or does it need to be "quiero comprar?" What is normally said in practice?


    It's only ever "quiero comprar". The rule in Spanish is that if you have two verbs placed together in a row, you need to conjugate the first one and leave the second one in its infinitive form. "Querer" here, meaning "to want", conjugates to "Yo quiero" meaning "I want", but "Comprar", "to buy", stays the same.

    The rule is pretty much the same as in English. After all, you don't say "I want I buy a shirt.", you say "I want TO buy a shirt."


    Thank you! That makes lots of sense! :D


    Whats the difference between Camisa and camiseta?


    from what I understand, a camisa can be any type of shirt but usually refers to a buttoned shirt. A camiseta is specifically a tee-shirt.


    Pagar - to pay Comprar - to buy


    What is the difference between Camiseta and Camisa I get them mixed up

    [deactivated user]

      Camisa - Shirt

      Camiseta - T-shirt


      Is camiseta accepted as shirt and t-shirt? Or is it wrong to say camiseta when your asking for a shirt? Like is a camisa a shirt only but camiseta is a general term like a top in English?


      You got them a bit backwards. A "camisa" is any type of shirt, but usually refers to a button-down work shirt. A "camiseta" (literally "little shirt") specifically means a T-shirt and only a T-shirt.


      Wait camisa and camiseta are both words that mean shirt? How do I know which one to use?!

      [deactivated user]

        Both words don't mean the same.

        Camisa -> Shirt - Camiseta -> T-shirt.


        When it's clear from the conjugated verb, ex: quiero, the pronoun "yo" can be omitted. It will be helpful if that can be shown as a choice, rather than recorded as a missed response.


        What is the difference between camisa and camiseta?

        [deactivated user]

          Camisa - shirt

          Camiseta - T-shirt


          Yo quiero comprar una camisa. I want to bay a shirt. Is not correct?


          It's 'buy', not 'bay', que es el sustantivo 'bahía'.


          Is 'Yo' pronounced as 'jyo' for female but pronounced as 'yo' for males??


          I don't think so. I think the recorded speakers may have differing accents. I've been troubled by how "yo" is being pronounced on the recordings, at least at times, the "y" sounding like the "j" in the English name John. I thought it was always the "y" in "young". Anyway, I think we can leave out the subject pronouns in Spanish because the verb endings supply the information. I'm going to avoid "yo" unless I find out for certain how it's pronounced. Can anyone please help?


          the Spanish “y” has two common sounds. Depending upon the region, the “y” might sound like the English “y” in the word “yes” or the “j” in the English word “joy.”

          Ref: https://studyspanish.com/pronunciation/listen-and-repeat/letter_y


          I can hear now, i changed my ear phones, they were the problem. Duolingo is realy 2 languages for me because I am french and have to think in english so I learn 2 languages at the same time. I'm not bad in english but I have to think. It's a lot of fun. Lots of words are close to french and that helps.


          So, why is comprar so difficult to pronounce? I can roll my r's pretty well, but not on this word. Yet. Help!


          These Rs you don't need to roll, only lilt them (have your toungue almost flap against your pallete like your about to pronounce the letter L).

          Spanish has two types of Rs, the rolling ones and the lilted ones. If the letter appears at the start of the word (like in "rojo") or if its a double R (like in "perro"), you roll it. Otherwise it should be lilted.

          https://studyspanish.com/pronunciation/listen-and-repeat/letter_r https://studyspanish.com/pronunciation/listen-and-repeat/letter_rr


          I never knew an R at the beginning of a word was rolled. Thanks for this tidbit.


          Lol i love rrrolling my rrrs


          You appear to use new words which have not been introduced before! How am I supposed to know their meaning? Or Do I just have to make a lucky guess?


          You're writing to other students when you comment in a discussion forum, not to Duolingo. It's always a good idea to read the notes at the start of a lesson, where new grammar and words are usually shown.


          I spelt it wrigt. I want to buy a shirt.


          the task was to write down what you hear. I didn't read the task so I translated the text. when this happens on my phone the application warns me and gives me another try to correct this mistake made out of inobservance, but when it happened now on my computer it just told me my answer was incorrect. it really isn't a big deal it's just that it bugs me a little knowing the answer and not having a chance to write it down, I know it is my fault not reading the task, but it was these things I loved about Duolingo in the first place, for example it accepts your answer if you have a typo and also since I don't have a keyboard with accents it's great that you don't have to write them down in order to have your answer accepted. overall i love this app, and am grateful for having the chance to learn for free. peace <3


          Does anyone e lo se have a problem with duo's new CV hikds voice. I find it very dificult to understand.


          Oh, yes! I've contacted Duo about it but, thus far, they have not done anything about it.


          What is wrong when I wrote "I wanna buy a shirt"


          'Wanna' isn't a standard word in the English language, it's just a sloppy way of saying 'want to'.


          Why would you introduct two words we haven't learned yet????????!!!!!! comprar and camisa?????


          I want to by a shirt and they telling me that is wrong


          'Comprar' es 'buy; 'by' es preposición, 'por/de'.


          you really do need to sharpen up the pronunciations


          No, I don't feel that I do, but you may wish to advise Duolingo of a problem with their audio by using the Report button. Please bear in mind that Duoingo doesn't read these comments, as they are for the benefit of language learners.


          If "Yo quiero" means "I want/I need", then why can't this be translated " I need to buy a shirt"?


          Nevermind. Just remembered it means " I want/ I LOVE" not "I need".


          Don't forget you can delete a comment that you want to remove from the site.


          The spelling is so hard


          Want to and wanna are the same


          Except that one is grammatically correct and the other is just plain wrong, but yeah, aside from that, they're totally identical. ;)


          I got it wrong but i spelled correctly


          ɪ ᴀᴍ sᴏᴍᴀʟɪᴀ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ ᴛʜɪs ʟᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇ

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