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Adverbs of frequency

Hallo Leute ! Can anyone teach me about adverbs of frequency in German ?? Thank you a lot !!!

May 29, 2018



Is there anything specific you want to know about them?

Here is a list with translations for the common adverbs of frequency (well, it's a site that wants to teach English to German speakers, I can't find better sides right now because of my German IP .__.), ordered with descending frequency. And here are some about specific frequencies.

Like all adverbials, you can place them at any position in a sentence (if that position isn't reserved for the verb), but it cannot stand behind an accusative object.
"Mein Vater kauft manchmal Blumen für meine Mutter." (Sometimes my dad buys flowers for my mum.)
"Manchmal kauft mein Vater Blumen für meine Mutter."
"Mein Vater kauft Blumen manchmal für meine Mutter." (<- this doesn't work, because the flower is an accusative object in this sentence)
"Mein Vater gibt meiner Mutter manchmal Blumen." (Sometimes my dad gives flowers to my mum. - here it works because the mom is an dative object and the flowers are an accusative object)


it cannot stand behind an accusative object.

I never knew that!

So useful!
Many thanks

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