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  5. "QI lupej jaghpu'."

"QI lupej jaghpu'."

Translation:The enemies will demolish the bridge.

May 29, 2018



Why is the word QI not a real Syllable. Wouldn't it need a second consonante on the end of the word?


No, it doesn't need one.

Most syllables are CVC (consonant–vowel–consonant), but syllables can also end in -w', -y', -rgh or in no consonant at all.

Other examples of CV words are Do "velocity", bo "feather", and Da "act like"; examples of words that contain a CV syllable are DIvI' "federation", Ha'DIbaH "animal; meat", and SIbI' "immediately".


I put "The enemies are demolishing the bridge." I'm not QUITE sure why this is wrong. Does the "lu-" prefix on "lupej" specifically mean a future action, and therefore cannot refer to an action that is currently in progress?


For "are demolishing" we would expect lupejtaH. There are situations where "are demolishing" would be an appropriate translation even without the -taH, but we ask that in this course you only use them together. So without -taH the present tense translation would be "The enemies demolish the bridge."

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