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"Mi deporte preferido es el tenis."

Translation:My favorite sport is tennis.

May 29, 2018



My preferred sport is tennis was not accepted


I put the same thing and lost a heart. I think ‘preferred’ should be accepted!


It is now accepted! Probably took Duo a couple of weeks to accept your suggestions... but they did it :)


Could you help me how the heart system works? I"ve been studying spanish about 4 months now and didn't notice the hearts until about 2 weeks ago. Makes me a bit nervous. It's easy to lose and don't quite understand when and how to accumulate. Thanks.



I don't know how old your post is but as I'm seeing it now I'm going to give you the little information I have.

The heart system is meant to make you pay more attention to your spellings, grammar and sentence structure.

You only get the 5 hearts!

Once lost there are a few options for refill because you cannot move forward without them.

You can either:

  1. Wait several hours for them to refill on their own,

  2. You can purchase a refill during the lesson (an option pops up). If you don't you have to "quit the lesson",

  3. You can opt in for Plus

or (and this is my preference)

  1. You can do the 1 heart replacement lesson, which is a simple lesson to replenish your loss. I do these when I'm down to 1 heart because you are offered another heart if you watch an ad. Do it twice and you have 5 total when you're done and you avoid having to "quit" the lesson over something as silly as a misspelled name.


You can practice and gain hearts or buy them. Hit the heart at top and practice.


Preferred is accepted now


it was accepted in July 2020


Did not accept "preferred." Just as there's a differnce, in English, between preferred and favorite, there is surely the same difference in Spanish. Something can be "preferred" (preferido) between two or more sports and not be someone's "favorite" (favorido) sport.


Agreed. That is why i wonder if favorito is morely likely to be used in this case.


Agreed. Favorito is marked wrong......even tho a direct translation


me gusta al tenis. mi deporte preferido es el tenis. Why is one al and one el?


I have the same question


I'm not sure but I think al would only come after jugar as in : "me gusta jugar AL tenis". / "quieres jugar AL fútbol?" but "me gusta EL tenis" / "Mi deporte favorito es EL fútbol". not sure why tho. I guess It's an expression, that's how I got it.


Al is a contraction of 'a' and 'el' and it is obligatory whenever the two occur together. Your second phrase does not require the 'a' so it is just 'el'


"My preferred sport is tennis" should be accepted.


My dictionaries all say that 'preferido' translates as 'preferred'.


It depends on context, in this case, it means favourite.


"My preferred sport is tennis" accepted 2/19/19


Why is it 'el tenis', and not just tennis like in English?


Because the sentence is talking about tennis in general. In Spanish when discussing a generalized topic you use the article.


What would be an example where "el" would not be used with tenis?


2019-04-12 A quick Google search turns it up in the phrase Noticias de Tenis (on ESPN en español), and el circuito…de tenis. So it looks like the article is not needed when a noun is being used as a modifier for another noun.


"Es bueno jugar tenis." No article in front of tennis. "Mi deporte preferido es el tenis." Article needed in front of tennis. Can anyone differentiate the two with a reasonably simple rule, please?


The voice of the little boy is terrible! I hate listening to it!


Yeah, it's bad.

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Tennis is my favorite sport was not accepted. Reported on Sep. 18th 2018


favorito ??? preferred ???


if accepted in february..why not now? my preferred sport is tennis!....it's either right or wrong...not both...x x x x x x x


What is wrong with my preferred game as tennis


Literal translation of "deporte" is "sport". Game is "juego" or "partido".


what preferido? Isnt preferred acceptable



There are some pretty good explanations as to why favorite is the preferred response for this sentence if you just read through the thread.


My preferred sport is tennis was not accepted - same for me - why not!



It's annoying but for this lesson Duo wants favorite.

This is a matter of contention and it has been accepted for others.

If there were no other errors report it next time.


The hearts only started about two weeks ago, new to me



I find them annoying, especially when you've made a dumb mistake and lost your last heart for it with one lesson left, but they force me to do practices, which I often feel I need.

When you run out of hearts you can do a one heart practice (option at top right) which focuses on the areas Duo thinks you have trouble. You can get two hearts out of the deal, after an ad, plus xp points.

You can pay in gems to refill your hearts but I think it's more useful to do the practice.


Preferred not favorite. I lost.


Predebut jhope is that you


Preffered and favourite are the same thing

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