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USER DATA LOSS after new Tree: Crown Levels; Lessons, Vocab, and my Golden Owl.

Update: USER DATA LOSS - DL has changed my Spanish tree - But, at same time, took away achievements: Crown Levels, Lessons learned, Vocab learned, and the fact that I went to the bottom of my tree before they made the new skill tree. I think this is a bug - you should not be striped of your data / acomplishments on a software upgrade.

Yes, I am entering a bug because we should not have to lose data: Crown Levels we have achieved, Lessons we have studied, Vocab we have learned and the fact that we got to the bottom of our trees, Yes, I like the extra lessons, but, don't lose our data and strip us of our hard won accomplishments! Even losing 1 lesson, 1 Vocab point, 1 Crown Level is too much. It feels like I lost almost 1/4 of my Crowns, Lessons, Vocabs, and bragging rights to reaching the bottom of my tree. I lost my Golden Owl, very demoralizing after working night and day for 8 months to get to where I was, to have it stripped away.

----- Original Discussion ---------------------- My Spanish Crown Level changed from 128 to 101. What happened and how can I get it restored? When I click on the refresh icon on the web browser, if momentarily shows Crown Level of 128, then it changes to 101. I have been using the same web browser (Chrome) since I joined last Sept 2017. Who can I contact to help me?

May 29, 2018



My crown level has also gone down from 93 to 77. I have the new Spanish tree now with new lessons


Did they also remove some of the lessons you have studied or removed some Vocabs that you have learned? I've been taking before and after pictures. So I know exactly what they took from me. You don't take Awards back just because you change the rules down the road.


I think it's a bug, you should not "lose" DATA, ---- You never lose User Data ---- I used to test software --- and losing user data is a big No-No. Ask any tester or Developer. You do not lose User Data on a new release.. ---- You earn it, and for DL to take it away is demoralizing and will make some people want to quit. And make other people want to cancel the "Plus" off of their accounts.


Most likely you have been upgraded to the new version of Spanish tree which has more skills and more vocabulary. This means that some skills which you had completed all the lessons in may have new lessons so they are no longer complete and the crown level has been adjusted.


I understand what you all are saying..... But - they also took my Lessons that I spent hours and hours on from 337 lessons to 285 Lessons. They also took my Vocab from 1612 to 1588. And they have taken my Conquered the Tree symbol from the bottom of my Tree - and that is a hard won prize that I earned,. Sure it is nice to have new lessons, but at what cost? On the Streaks leaders board, DL, has greyed out my Spanish symbol, and I earned that enabled Spanish symbol by my name on the Streak Leaders Board for people that have over 100 Streak Days and have reached the bottom of their tree. Now I have been disqualified. Thank you guys for listening. I crying now. I know it's silly to cry for "virtual" Achievements that can be taken away in an instance by no fault of my own.. I did not see this comming. I falsely assumed that if you worked hard and achieved something that it could not be taken away.


Thank you all for your wondersul, thoughtful, and helpful comments. Our DL community is a kind, giving, sharing community. I am hurting and very sad, and your warmth and kind words help. :-)


good to see you are getting all this support. I hope you won't be sad for too long! It's a good thing you are reporting what happened, because that sounds like a dumb bug there!

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You may want to post this in the Troubleshooting forum to get an answer quicker.


Yes, I am entering a bug because we should not have to lose: Crown Levels we have achieved, Lessons we have studied, Vocab we have learned and the fact that we got to the bottom of our trees from us, just because they are giving us more lessons. Yes, I like the extra lessons, but, don't strip us of our hard won accomplishments!


Since the Troublshooting section maybe different than Bug Reporting. I will do both. Thanks!


Same--today I went from a crown level in the 90s to the 60s, and there are many new levels I've never seen. It feels like I've lost progress. AND, it said I used up a streak freeze when I haven't missed a day at all!

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