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"Esta fiesta tiene comida muy buena."

Translation:This party has very good food.

May 29, 2018



This is probably a stupid question but what's the difference between "buena/bueno" and "bien"?


Bueno/buena is the adjective ("good"), and bien is the adverb ("well").


Maybe in Spanish this 'tener' is more open to variable usage than in English. It hurts in my teacher-ear/eye to hear/see this sort of dyslanguage. I suppose someone is trying to say: "There is very good food at this party" or "The food at this party is very good".


I think "this party has very good food" sounds right


what's the problem with saying that that party "has" good food? it sounds fine in english. also, "the food at this party is very good" doesn't really work because you would be taking about the food instead of the party.


sorry i mean "that the party"


In Russian language it is that only animated subjects can "have" something. (I.e. "possess") For example, "I can HAVE a table to sit on" but "The table can't HAVE me sitting on it". V


I'd probably say, "They have very good food at this party." It sounds slightly odd to me to say "the party has good music" or good food, etc.


It's same weird like "the friends". Party is not a restaurant that serves food nor the person who owns the food. So normally at the party you can sometimes find some decent "comida" which is not obligatory though. Considering relation between words "la fiesta" and "the feast" i woud assume in Spain it might be different - learning language is about learning customs as well - one have to come with the other or it won't work. And "the friends" is something else as "friends". Saying "we are the friends" would rather sound like we are the actual guys playing the "Friends" or we are those famous friends everyone is talkinng about ..


I tried The food at this party is very good... seems a lot more natural in English than the word-for-word translation Duo requires -_-


That is a different sentence. Try not to paraphrase what you would more likely say. Simply translate the given sentence.
La comida en esta fiesta es muy buena. = The food at this party is very good.


duo said has so good food ? bad english


Why wasn't I invited?


They have let me translate "fiesta" as "festival" in the past, but now they're saying it means "soiree!" :)


It sounds like a good party


Why is Este used sometimes but esta others? For example Este cafe es muy bueno or Esta fiesta es muy buena.


It has to do with whether you're describing something masculine or feminine. This book = este libro (masc.) This party = esta fiesta (fem.)


What's wrong with "meal"?


Why can't I say, "This party has really good food?"


'Muy' means 'very'.

So, the translation would be 'this party has very good food', not 'really good food'.


Ugh i accidentally typo had instead of has


Bueno/buena. How to know which one to use?


She (whatever is she) -> buena He (and maybe something else...I don't know yet) -> bueno ;)


Bueno is masculine, while Buena is feminine, hope that helps!


Difference between, comida =meal, food

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