No speaking exercises (Chrome Version 66.0.3359.181 and iOS 10.3.2 app)

Hi, I've just started doing Duolingo recently on desktop Google Chrome and the app + my iPhone with iOS 10.3.2, but there are no speaking exercises. My sibling on an iPod touch (iOS 11) gets them often.

There are other older posts about not getting speaking exercises, but they all say the fix is to use Google Chrome; however, I still don't get them when using Chrome. Logging out and logging back in doesn't work either.

Please help! I would love to have the speaking exercises, especially for French.

May 29, 2018


Go to the settings link on the app and make sure that the speaking exercises are enabled.

May 29, 2018

They have already been enabled.

May 29, 2018

I have the speaking exercises but they stopped working since about 1 week ago

June 2, 2018

I don't get listening exercises, where there is no text and only an audio file, either. (I do get audio, just not audio alone). I have turned on my microphone and have set the microphone/speakers for Duolingo to "always allow."

May 29, 2018

Speaking exercises only appear in the later Crown Levels. What levels are you typically doing?

May 29, 2018

I have the same problem. Microphone and listening are enabled but I don't get either of those exercises. It's very annoying.

July 1, 2018
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