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  5. "Do you need milk?"

"Do you need milk?"

Translation:¿Necesitas leche?

May 29, 2018



So why is "Tú necesitas leche" incorrect?

[deactivated user]

    From what i understand it isn't but it wants yoiu to know that you don't always havr to use tú becausr of verb conjugation.


    AS FAR AS I KNOW, and downvote me if I'm wrong, but, from what I learned...

    It would be asking, "you need milk?" In English, this is sort of slang, and the proper term would be "do you need milk," or "need milk," hence why Duolingo says the correct answer is "Necesitas leche," which, word-for-word is "need milk."


    Can I say necesitas un leche or i should drop the "un" Can I also say:necesitas leche?

    And here what is the most common?


    When I highlighted the "Do you" it said "Yo vivo" which I understand to mean "I live"


    To help my understanding more, would other more formal ways of asking this be "Tu necesitas usted leche" or "usted necesitas leche"?


    Tú necesitas = you need (informal)

    Usted necessita = you need (formal)


    I remeber formal by thinking of some stuck up king getting asked "and his majesty, does he need anything?" You refer to the other person as he/she (nececita) instead of you.

    [deactivated user]

      Formal is usted if you were ralking to an elder or stranger. Tú is for eveyone else and is less formal.


      It would be, "¿Usted necesita leche?"


      You would use Usted when speaking formally to somebody, and you use Tú when speaking informally.


      I think this sentence is spoken to a baby, so no


      How am I to know if the "You" is formal or informal? Some questions use "USTED " some don't.


      When usted is used, the phrase is formal. When tú is used, the phrase is informal :)


      Duo usually accepts any form of "you" unless some form of address is used. If a first name is used it's usually informal (); if señor, señora, etc, are used it's definitely formal (usted or ustedes).

      I just used Usted necesita leche and it was accepted. I assumed the answer would use the form but just wanted to be contrary.


      it won't accept the only answers it provides. programming error


      The audio is missing


      if you say "tú nesictas leche" compared to "nesictas leche" is the latter considered less formal?

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