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Best Spanish Podcasts/Audiocourses?

Hi Duo Community!

For my job I am on the road a good bit. At least 8 hours a week. During that time I try to be as productive as I can be! I have listened to Pimsleur Spanish 1-5 and am wanting to try another course/podcast. I have an Audible subscription as well so there are likely many possibilities!

I have listened to several of Duolingo's Podcasts as well as Spanish Coffee break (wasn't a huge fan due to them not explaining what they were saying exactly) but I was wondering if anyone on here had any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the help!

May 29, 2018



Here are a couple podcasts I follow

  • News in Slow Spanish (I listen to the Latino version, but there is also a Spain one)
  • The Spanish Dude
  • Habla Español con UnlimitedSpanish - There is a ton of content in this one. It's mostly speaking in Spanish, but he talks at a nice, constant, slow rate. Probably my favorite right now.


I agree that Oscar with UnlimitedSpanish speaks very clearly. And, even though his podcast is completely in Spanish, the fact that he speaks clearly and uses a vocabulary level somewhere between advanced beginner and intermediate makes his material very helpful for me.

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