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Hur många ord har jag lärt mig?

Since the Crowns revision, I am no longer getting the emails telling me how many words I've learned now., and I miss them! I used to get them often from Tinycards and sometimes from Duo. Why did this stop? It was very encouraging to see that number climb. Is anyone still getting those emails?

May 29, 2018



I never got those emails, but the android app sometimes shows a notification with that number.

(Duolingo seems a bit weird about what features are bugged or discontinued and the different versions always have different features... well)


Not sure about the emails, I don't think I ever got them. I did get the information in a notification from the app on my phone.

If you still want to know then you can look at the bottom of this page https://www.duome.eu/trilby16


Interesting. I never had such emails from Duo.


Ive never had any emails from duolingal or memrise about the words you've learnt, I started on duo after I completed the swedish course on Babble which was maybe half a year ago. Maybe it was an old feature they didn't see the point in or you're remembering it from another site app ¯_(ツ)_/¯


did you find memrise or babbel useful? have you found other on-line language sites that you might recommend? where would you rank duo lingo to the others?

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