"The boss needs a desk in his office."

Translation:El jefe necesita un escritorio en su oficina.

May 29, 2018



El jefe necesito un escritorio en su oficina.... Why is it telling me that necesita is correct and not necesito? All are masculine forms, so I'm confused.

October 8, 2018


These words (necesito, necesita) aren't masculine/feminine. They simply follow the "I need=Yo necesito" and "He needs=Él necesita" and "You need=Tú necesitas".

February 7, 2019


Thank you!

May 9, 2019


Thank you

May 31, 2019


Yes thank you

June 14, 2019


I am also confused by this. Can someone explain why necesito is not acceptable in this sentence?

October 8, 2018


According to a Spanish speaking friend: "I think it's because now you're getting into the "present indicative".

If your boss currently needs a desk, it doesn't matter whether the boss is male or female, you are going to use "necesita." "Necesito" with an accent on the o is past, so if the male boss 'needed' a desk in his office you would be right...except it needs the accent. Without the accent "necesito" would be "yo necesito"= I need (present). "

It seems to be the same as "trabajo" being the general word for job/work, not ONLY when referring to one's own work or job. For instance: "Este trabajo es importante." vs "yo trabajo en la oficina."

October 10, 2018


Yo= necesito el, ella, usted = necesita Tú = necesitas

December 17, 2018


Strange. It said correct for 'la jefa' which is clearly wrong from the masculine pronoun used at the end of the sentence.

August 11, 2018


It's as simple as yo aprendo, yo hablo, yo bebo, yo quiero, etc. So in this case 'necesito' would have been correct if sentence had started with 'Yo'. But in case of he/she/you/your we need to use 'necesita' or 'necestitas' but not 'necesito'. Hope this helps:)

December 1, 2018


Does the gender of the verb need to match the object?

June 4, 2018


Verbs don't have a gender. You're probably confused because the verb necesitar, to need, is an -ar verb, so second person singular (which means he needs -- and also she or it needs) is "necesita" just like Daniela says.

August 3, 2018


the verb need "necesitar" i need "yo necesito" you "tu necesitas" he/she "él/ella necesita" they "ellos necesitan" we " nosotros necesitamos" to be honest it depends on the verb and the person for example the verb eat "comer" i "yo como" you " tu comes" he/she "el/ella come" they "ellos comen" we "nosotros comemos" you can see some diferences but it really helps to know the verb in infinitive

June 25, 2018


I was marked incorrect for using "La jefa".

July 9, 2018


Because it reads ".. his office" the masculine el jefe

July 20, 2018


I said escritorio and was corrected with mesa. Huh?

August 8, 2018


Why cannot you use "le falta" in this case?

February 6, 2019


Why is "en" used here and not "a"?

March 4, 2019


Because "a" is "to". The boss needs a desk in his office vs to his office.

March 4, 2019


duo said "His" could be "su" or "el". What dictates if su or el is more appropriate for "his"

July 11, 2019


Gender confusion again

November 21, 2018


Why would need be feminine in this sentence? Nothing else in the sentence is.

December 17, 2018


Pressed wrong button

June 25, 2019


Why is necesita fem form? El. and desk are Fem. I'm confused what determines if it is fem or masculine form?

January 11, 2019


"necessita" is not feminine form. Verbs do not have gender. Yo necesito. (First Person) Tu necesitas. (Second person) El/Ella necesita. (Third person)

And every verbs are used like this. Only nouns have gender.

January 30, 2019


Thank you of course. You are right.

January 30, 2019


why "su oficina" and not "tu oficina"?

September 24, 2018


Su oficina, in this context, means his office, though it could mean her office, their (singular) office, or your office if we were speaking formally. Tu oficina would be your office.

September 28, 2018


Why is "necesito" marked as wrong since my only option is "El jefe" and not "la jefe"?

October 8, 2018


"necesito" is used with Yo, not with el/ella.

January 30, 2019



January 30, 2019


Why is necessito wrong but necessita is right?

October 10, 2018


He's MALE!! WHY would you use the FEMININE???

September 4, 2018
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